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Email mailing address list of Health Clubs, Fitness Centres and Gyms in the UK


First quarter of the year now almost over.  How are we doing on those New Year resolutions?  The question is specifically directed to your health and wellness resolutions, to be in your face about it.  “Why?” you ask? Because often we fool ourselves.  “Let me rest today and get back on track tomorrow.” “Today is my cheat day.” These lies we tell ourselves.  Until one day becomes two, then three, and so on until we get so far off track.  Health drifts off to the horizon, far beyond vision.

But know what?  This is not a helpless situation.  Human frailty in keeping resolutions is outweighed by human resilience.  This latter part we focus our energy on.

Wellness is not a one-time big project.  It is a relentless, daily choice.  For those chosen few with admirable self-control in sticking to a healthy lifestyle, bless you.  For the rest of us, mere mortals, we need help.

Family and friends are one option.  Get everyone involved and create a wellness lifestyle at home.

Another option are health clubs, Fitness Centres and Gyms.  These are organisations dedicated to creating solutions for people’s health issues and concerns.   An email mailing list with website addresses of clubs and fitness centres will show the bountiful solutions and options out there.  It may be bewildering narrowing them down but here are some considerations to think about.



Fitness Centres and Gyms come in a wide spectrum from budget to boutique.  Confronting reality means knowing only how much you can shell out for a facility.  Admittedly, the value you put on wellness is bounded by budget constraints.  The good news is if you only look at directories and registries, there will be one which perfectly fits your pocket.

Next consideration is technical facilities. Simply put, select the club with at least the essential equipment to get your bum moving.

Corollary is safety.  No doubt we will all be happily working out if we are not distracted by concerns whether the ceiling is going to crash down or you might slip and injure yourself walking around the facility.

Another is location.  This is a practical consideration.  If getting to the club feels like quite a journey, that will surely keep you in bed instead of lugging your lazy self out.



An Established Mailing list with email addresses of Mailing list with email addresses of  Insurance brokers  require a premium to enjoy their full services.  They offer extra amenities to make getting around the facility and the work out circuit itself convenient.  These facilities provide customised services including monitoring and regular feedback.  Some clubs even separate genders into different rooms, critical for those who just hopped on the health wagon and are quite critical of personal body image.

If you need the Insurance brokers that can do the right job.  Beyond coaching, these professionals know how to target problem areas.  This is especially important insurance efforts hit plateau.


Whatever your main motivation might be in taking action, that fire needs continuous rekindling.  It is a long-term commitment.  Pardon the harsh beginning.  But that is the challenge of wellness.  It is hard to begin but easy to live with so get a Mailing list with email addresses.

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